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A Guide to Fun Bali Trekking: Know the Dos and Don’ts Before Conquering a Volcano!

A Guide to Fun Bali Trekking

Besides its series of stunning beaches and charming rice fields, Bali still saves another form of beauty for those who are eager to challenge their mental and physic to conquer a volcano in Bali. Called “Bali Treking”, this is one of the most popular holiday packages in Bali, especially amongst overseas tourists. Of them are professional mountain climbers who want to craft their history of trekking in the beautiful land of Bali.

Bali Treking holiday packages or tours are designed for public, which means the tour providers will happily guide you to the top of the volcano any time during the year. However, you must remember that ONLY you can know if you will fit in this challenging activity. Some things need to be put into account namely your fitness level, tolerance for cold temperatures, tolerance for leg-soreness, and availability of time. If you are confident that you can climb, you can stick the following rules or conventions in climbing volcanoes in Bali.

Bali Trekking Preparations

A long list of dos and don’ts needs to have your attention even weeks before the execution. There would be many experienced climbers who suggest that you can go guideless/ without engaging a Bali trekking tour. But, this suggestion does not work to anyone. Count that! Even for experienced climbers with a little knowledge of the field, Bali Treking would be physically and mentally challenging. Consider organizing a guide otherwise your journey to the top would be a lot more hassle than it is worth. Right after making a plan on climbing a volcano in Bali, you should improve your fitness with sufficient hours of sport daily. Always extend the hours day by day until you feel ready to conquer the volcano the next day. Besides your physical and mental conditions, you must pack appropriately; it includes your trekking-supporting items and decent footware. To help you out of the confusion about the must haves and nice-to-haves, here is a sample to organize it.
Must Haves:
(1) 2 liters of drinking water
(2) jacket
(3) rain gears
(4) hat
(5) headlamp/ torch
(6) sunscreen
(7) camera
(8) high energy snacks
(9) hand sanitizers
(10) wet wipes
(11) band aids
(12) insect repellants

(1) trekking sticks
(2) ear plugs
(3) gloves
(4) extra socks
(5) pain-killers
(6) a notebook
(7) favorite beverages to drink at the top
(8) swimwear if you want to reward yourself with a hot dip in the nearby lake or hot springs

Some of the items are quite hard to find if you expect to carry the high quality or that of high comfort and safety. So, be sure you provide enough time to haunt them down. While waiting for the Big Day, walk away from your favorite bars/ clubs especially the night before. And, avoid any activity that may put your valuable legs in injury. For a while, put yourself in comfort zone and learn from other climbers’ experience in climbing the same volcano you are about to be in. Mentally, you will be more prepared with this information searching. So, are you ready for a Bali Treking tour now? Why not trying to contact a Mount Batur trekking guide as the start? Be sure you mind these dos and don’ts!