Bali Trekking Tour is climbing visit bundle comprise of various sort of trekking outing in Bali. Our group is experienced and confirmed climbing guide that is exceptionally kind and adaptable. It offers you a life-changing minute and stunning landscape amid your trekking trip. We'll give you an experience to fulfilling your desires. Your interests and thoughts will be joined with our experience to make your own particular enterprise on the grounds that your fulfillment and happiness is our fundamental objective.

We might want to welcome you to encounter feasible climbing trails. Amid this trek you'll witness the best dawn from the summit of the mountains while to keep them clean. This projects give you the mix of uniqueness climbing trails and how to keep it out of junk. Bali Trekking Tour made to present to you the lovely mountains see, the shocking dawn, and to experience how to save our temperament. It will be a huge ordeal amid your vacation in Bali.

This site is intended to reach explorers who are searching for an alternate method for enterprise and delightful view of Bali. This is the reason it is imperative for us to listen to the greater part of our client's needs and to fulfill their desires.

Mount Abang Sunrise Trekking Tour

Mount Abang – Sunrise Trekking 

Mount Abang trekking, mount abang dawn trekking, climbing offers incredible voyage to appreciate the excellence of Batur lake and Batur Volcano from the pick of mount Abang (Gunung Abang). Mount Abang dawn trekking is a trekking to appreciate the colossal experience for who need to investigate the genuine excellence of Balinese landscape and feel the nature. How about we have a tranquil trek through lavish rain timberland while listening to the winged creatures singing and breathe in the outside air, visit an old Balinese sanctuary committed to Shiva in transit up and appreciate an amazing perspective with dazzling cloud arrangements encompassing the lake and fountain of liquid magma on one side making you feel near Mother Earth and "her" quieting vitality 

It's to adventure it as well as can be a test you into the lovely of Batur lake, Batur spring of gushing lava in west side and challange trekking Agung Volcano in east side furthermore disregard the sea perspective of Lombok strait. 

Mount abang wilderness trekking bali 

Mount Abang situated in Suter and Abang town, Kintamani Sub-Distric Bangli regime, it's roughly 60 km from Denpasar city .It pinnacle is 2.152 meters over the ocean level and it as the second most elevated mountain in Bali, it can be put together by physically sound explorer around 2,5 hours, Mount Abang is known as a virgin mountain agreeing local people people,this excursion is a journey up into the extremely profound air charged. En route you'll pass the green tropical woods there are three-hundred years. Your voyage turn out to be more vitality when you ask at the sanctuary amid the trek. See from the top is astonishing with the development of mists that encompass the Lake and volcanoes on one side and Mount Agung and mount Batur. 

Balinese coffe luwak, mount abang wilderness trekking 

After the trekking we will stop off at Bali Agro-tourism put or customary Bali Coffee handling. In this place you can see a few of tropical manors, for example, Arabica espresso, Robusta espresso and so on. Besides you can perceive how to make Balinese espresso with conventional process. Alongside of that you can get test of them and in addition nearby home grown teas and espresso Luwak (Civet espresso). It's the best one espresso on the planet. What's more for the most part you can see the genuine Civet were ate new espresso beans. 

Come go along with us on this astonishing trek as we investigate the dynamic abundance of mountain Batur !!! 


01.40-02.30 am - We will get up at your lodging, rely on upon where you are remain in Bali and straightforwardly to the beginning stage at Suter town. 

03.30 am - Landed at beginning stage at Suter Village you will:Introduction to our experience proficient trekking, Briefing about security system trekking. 

03.40 am - Begin our trek to summit mount Abang. 

06.00 am - Landed on the summit of Mount Abang (Depend of the explorers quick or moderate) 

05.45-07.00 am  - While getting a charge out of the staggering perspective and dawn you will be served a breakfast with banana sandwich and bubbled egg furthermore hot tea or Balinese dark espresso. 

07.30 am  - Proceed with our drop to Suter Village where the completing point 

09.00 am - Landed at Suter Village (The end of the trek) and board auto) 

09.30 am - Stop off at the Balinese Coffee estate (Balinese Civet espresso) 

01.00-02.00 pm - Landed at inn (Depend on where you are remain in Bali or lodging area) 


Cap and glove (if accessible), Trekking shoes, Long jeans. 

Sun Block, Camera and Jacket. 


Get and come back to your inn by agreeable and aerated and cooled auto. 

Breakfast, drinking water, hot tea or Balinese dark espresso on summit. 

Extra charge to Kintamani territory , nibble and tropical new organic products. 

Stopping, can expense, clean veil, spotlights, trekking guide. 

Waterproof shell amid in stormy season, Stick for Hiking. 


Temperature : 9 – 16° Celsius (Degrees) on the summit 

Trekking term : Between 4 – 6 hours 

Movement level : Easy to Moderate 

Separate : 6-7 km completely 

Tropical crisp natural products (regular) toward the end of the trek (at boarding auto) 

Chilled confront towels toward the end of the trek ( at boarding auto) 

Frosty drink toward the end of the trek (at boarding auto) 


Nusa Dua: 01:40 am Kuta : 01:40 am Lovina : 01:30 am 

Sanur : 02:00 am Ubud : 02:30 am Candidasa: 01:30 am 

Bring some money for tipping aide and driver is suggested. 


Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

Private Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is one well known exercises in Bali to see astounding perspectives from the highest point of mount batur. Join with us to get astounding trekking enterprise on the dynamic spring of gushing lava, Mount Batur Sunrise trekking. Beginning in the corner of the early morning, we'll rise to the most noteworthy pinnacle and hole for a grand dawn and dazzling morning sees. Before observe the dawn we will eat with tea and eggs, bananas bubbled by volcanic steam. Amid our drop, we will investigate the three more youthful cavities and the latest hatchling streams and appreciate the astounding volcanic scene. Amid in transit back to your lodging we will visit the astonishing spot exceptional involvement in Bali, stop on the espresso ranch called Luwak Coffee. There, you can appreciate neighborhood item is maked by their self hand (nearby individuals) there are part of neighborhood item like, Chocolate, Luwak Coffee, Green Tea, Lemon Grace Tea, Bali Coffee, act. you can pick and taste numerous sort of item with free on the off chance that you like it you can purchase the item inside. 


01.30-02.30: Pick-up time at your lodging. 

03:30: Arrive at beginning stage, presentation and wellbeing technique preparation by our English-talking guide/Tour Guide 

03.45: Begin trail trek to Mount Batur. 

05:45: Arrive at the summit 

06:15: Enjoy the tremendous perspectives and dawn. While appreciate refreshments of hot tea and eggs, bananas bubbled by volcanic steam 

07:00: Continue our trek around the whole hole and Explore the primary hole 

09:00: Arrive at complete point 

09:30: Visiting espresso estate 

11:30-12.30: Arrive back to your lodging. 

What Should To Bring: 

• Trekking Shoes 

• Jacket 

• Long Pant 

• Camera 

Offices Include: 

• Pick Up and Drop Off To By Air Conditioned Car or Mini-transport (give by private visit) 

• One English Speaking Guide/Tour Guide 

• Head Torch/Trekking Pole 

• Bottle Mineral Water 

• Hot Tea/Coffee and Boiled Eggs, Bananas at The Summit 

• Entrance Fee to Kintamani Area 

Get Time: 

Nusa Dua : 01.15-01.30 a.m 

Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, Canggu : 01.30-01.45 a.m 

Ubud : 02.15-02.30 a.m 

Cost : $50 USD/Pax

Hiking Package to Mt Agung Bali

Trekking Package to Mt Agung Bali with Our Team

Mount Agung is the highest and holiest mountain in Bali. It is also believed as the home of the God. Mount Agung is located in Karangasem Regency, Bali province, Indonesia. It dominates the surrounding area so that it gives a lot of influence to the weather of Bali Island. The clouds come from the west and Agung takes their water so that the west is lush and green while the east relatively dry and barren. It last erupted in 1964 and still active with a large and very deep crater which occasionally spurts smoke and ash. Mount Agung of Bali is 3,142 meters above sea level so that it can be accessed by fit hikers in about 5 to 7 hours from Besakih Temple starting point. Alternatively, it can also be reached in about 3 to 4 hours from Pasar Agung Temple starting point. If you think that you are an adventure Lover, this trek will be the best choice for you. Our local Guide will help you discover the atmosphere of the spiritual ground and see more things up closer than just about anything else. This program will make your holiday  completely exciting in Bali Island – And Our local guide will ensure that you will have a safe trekking Trip – our guide will show you the best Route to execute climb up Mount Agung – He will also help you determine what you can do or not during the trekking trip.

The trekking trips in Mount Agung can surely be described as amazingly challenging. It is amazing as you will witness the amazing sunrise from the summit of Mount Agung that you have never seen before in other places on earth.  From the top of the mountain you can also see Mount Rinjani which is not located in Bali Island. It is located in Lombok island, an island located east of Bali. What is really challenging is that there are two common climbing routes up the mountain in which both of them are challenging and you need to be physically fit and have some serious trekking experiences to be able to join these trekking trips. You also have to make sure that you have prepared your  trekking trip well because these treks are not the same as climbing Mount Batur for a comparison. 

What you should know before Climbing Mount Agung Bali.

NOTE:   First, Women during their period are not permitted to climb up the Volcano. Second, please bring only what you need, please just leave the rest of your belonging in your hotel room. 

Activity Level: High to Extreme.

Hiking Duration: 12 hours (up & down).

Temperature: 6 – 12° Celsius (At the top of the mountain).

Things to bring: Hiking Boots, Long pants, Warm Jacket, Backpack & Camera

Batur Caldera Trekking

Mount Batur Caldera Hiking Tour Package

Escape from the noise and bustle of the city and take a few hours trekking at Batur caldera. It offers panoramic, religious, and exciting trekking routes. In short time you can explore the adventure and beauty of Mount Batur Caldera, one of the most beautiful caldera in the world. It is easy, safe and rewarding, best hike for beginners. The trek has been designed for those who wish to experience an easy short trek but full of amazing nature view.

The trek would started from Hulundanu Batur Temples on the north edge of Lake Batur. From here you need approximately 1,3 – 2 hours to the destination we call Bubung Gede. The visitors usually spend 1-2 hours on this peak before back down. On the way back you will guided through mini montana forrest go down to the east side of lake Batur near renowned Trunyan village cemetery, then cross the lake with small boat to the starting point at Hulundanu Batur temple.


scenic sunrise over the Mountain Rinjani in Lombok

great landscape of Lake Batur surrounded by the local villages

majestic view of mount Batur, mount Abang, and mount Agung

meet and greet the local farmer

tasting exclusive coffee luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world

one hour relaxing at natural hot spring

A Guide to Fun Bali Trekking: Know the Dos and Don’ts Before Conquering a Volcano!

A Guide to Fun Bali Trekking

Besides its series of stunning beaches and charming rice fields, Bali still saves another form of beauty for those who are eager to challenge their mental and physic to conquer a volcano in Bali. Called “Bali Treking”, this is one of the most popular holiday packages in Bali, especially amongst overseas tourists. Of them are professional mountain climbers who want to craft their history of trekking in the beautiful land of Bali.

Bali Treking holiday packages or tours are designed for public, which means the tour providers will happily guide you to the top of the volcano any time during the year. However, you must remember that ONLY you can know if you will fit in this challenging activity. Some things need to be put into account namely your fitness level, tolerance for cold temperatures, tolerance for leg-soreness, and availability of time. If you are confident that you can climb, you can stick the following rules or conventions in climbing volcanoes in Bali.

Bali Trekking Preparations

A long list of dos and don’ts needs to have your attention even weeks before the execution. There would be many experienced climbers who suggest that you can go guideless/ without engaging a Bali trekking tour. But, this suggestion does not work to anyone. Count that! Even for experienced climbers with a little knowledge of the field, Bali Treking would be physically and mentally challenging. Consider organizing a guide otherwise your journey to the top would be a lot more hassle than it is worth. Right after making a plan on climbing a volcano in Bali, you should improve your fitness with sufficient hours of sport daily. Always extend the hours day by day until you feel ready to conquer the volcano the next day. Besides your physical and mental conditions, you must pack appropriately; it includes your trekking-supporting items and decent footware. To help you out of the confusion about the must haves and nice-to-haves, here is a sample to organize it.
Must Haves:
(1) 2 liters of drinking water
(2) jacket
(3) rain gears
(4) hat
(5) headlamp/ torch
(6) sunscreen
(7) camera
(8) high energy snacks
(9) hand sanitizers
(10) wet wipes
(11) band aids
(12) insect repellants

(1) trekking sticks
(2) ear plugs
(3) gloves
(4) extra socks
(5) pain-killers
(6) a notebook
(7) favorite beverages to drink at the top
(8) swimwear if you want to reward yourself with a hot dip in the nearby lake or hot springs

Some of the items are quite hard to find if you expect to carry the high quality or that of high comfort and safety. So, be sure you provide enough time to haunt them down. While waiting for the Big Day, walk away from your favorite bars/ clubs especially the night before. And, avoid any activity that may put your valuable legs in injury. For a while, put yourself in comfort zone and learn from other climbers’ experience in climbing the same volcano you are about to be in. Mentally, you will be more prepared with this information searching. So, are you ready for a Bali Treking tour now? Why not trying to contact a Mount Batur trekking guide as the start? Be sure you mind these dos and don’ts!

Best Trekking Tour Guide

Best Guide for Trekking Tour in Bali

Bali is an island full of mesmerizing, natural beauty ranging from beautiful rice fields in the villages to wonderful mountains. The “island of Gods” is a paradise for people of all interests. Surfers, artists, and even hikers will effortlessly call this island home. Perhaps, Bali is most popular for its incredibly stunning beaches surrounding it like Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, or Nusa Dua Beach. But, it is hard to ignore the beauty of the mountains in Bali. In fact, tons of foreigners come yearly to hike in one or two famous mountains or hiking trails there. Some of the recommended hiking trails in Bali are Mount Batur, Mount Agung, West Bali National Park, Danau Bratan, Tirtagangga, Candidasa and Munduk.

Of many favorite places to hike, there must be one that becomes the “star”. And, it is Mount Batur. The mountain is part of Mount Agung and still active. However, it should not be a reason of not hiking the mountain because the government classifies the mountain as a safe-secure for the locals and hikers. Up until now, Mount Batur is a great demand in the world of Bali trekking. The mountain is located 5633 feet above the sea level. The slope is the lake known as the Lake Batur, which is the largest lake in the island. The view of the lake can be seen from the half way to the top of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur should be a great reason for you staying a little longer in this exotic island. It is not only popular but also recognized as Geopark. Geopark is an area regarded by the UNESCO Global Geopark Network for its stunning geological heritage. This area is good for education, a significant value and a rare beauty.
As a newbie in Bali trekking, you may be surprised at the guides that wear flip flops all the way up and do not have supplies with them. But, trekking is trekking. You need to do it properly to guarantee safety and comfort. Some stuff is crucial to bring for those reasons; they include comfortable walking shoes, a jumper, a flash light, food and drink, and sufficient memory in your camera. And, in some trekking areas, you may need to bring a copy of your passport as a requirement to enter the area.

With all the beauty and story of the mountains in Bali, what benefits can you actually get? More often than not, people focus on the relaxing and healthy benefits of hiking. In fact, there are a lot of benefits behind the hours spent in the mountains. Some of the benefits are strengthening bones and muscles, becoming healthier body, eliminating stress, burning fat, and better understanding the life and nature. And, the benefits include meeting the locals and new friends from other countries that share the same interest – Bali Trekking
. However, the journey can be a nightmare if done without proper preparation and a professional guide like
that dedicates itself to Bali Trekking Tour and associated services.